I recently drove this rear-wheel drive beast of a Mazda from Portland to Las Vegas. After finding adventure on the road it has demonstrated a certain charm and earned a permanent spot at our home. She comfortably took us from cold and wet mountain passes to wide open desert, well over 2000 miles without letting us down. The soft suspension made all those hours fly by while still inspiring enough confidence to push it around on windy mountain roads.


The six cylinder provided more than enough power to pass RVs on long flat two lane highways that occasionally stretch out as far as one can see. The car feels well put together for its era and has held up quite well over the years. I never had to question reliability when touring middle of nowhere roadside attractions or encountering giant roadside cows. Nevada highway speed limits felt almost too good to be true. Oregon feels downright oppressive by comparison.

I had originally wanted to do this trip in some ridiculously over-sized American land yacht but I feel feel very fortunate we found this car when we did. The 929 is one of those cars I used to admire but has long been forgotten by just about everyone these days. The cushy interior makes for a great road trip car although the baffling lack of storage space inside will limit your packing options. We also had to make peace with the fact that there are no cup holders. We are truly spoiled in modern cars.


We’re already thinking about what road trip to take next. She may be outdated, but she’s surprisingly easy to love.

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